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Funding →
Subsidies are usually earmarked. If funding is misused, i.e. used elsewhere or even embezzled, you can report it here. 
Awarding of contracts →
Failure to award contracts to the best bidder can result in serious economic harm to the University. Incorrect contract awards lead to unlawful discrimination against bidders and prevent fair competition.
Data protection, protection of trade secrets and data security →
Concerns violations of regulations for the protection of personal data such as the GDPR, violations of regulations for the protection of trade and business secrets as well as a lack of data and system security. This includes, in particular, cases where a large number of data or sensitive personal data are involved. For example: 
  • the misuse of personal data
  • the unlawful disclosure of trade and business secrets
  • the inadequate protection of internal computer networks
Public health →
If you have information about practices that endanger the health of the population, you can report it to us here. Often, such information will be related to disease prevention, e.g. compliance with or implementation of measures against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Product Safety →
Compliance with safety requirements for products is also an essential need of the general public, so that basic safety expectations of goods are protected. In the context of unsafe products, further information on possible unfair or illegal manufacturing, import or distribution practices may emerge, in particular in organisations involved in their manufacture and distribution.
Animal welfare, environmental protection and radiation protection →
Here you can report violations of animal welfare as well as environmental crimes and other environmental damage. For example: 
  • inadmissible animal experiments
  • illegal waste disposal
  • improper handling of radioactive materials
  • Water, soil or air pollution
Assets of the University →
Damage to and enrichment of University assets can be reported here, especially property crimes such as theft, embezzlement, or misappropriation. For example:
  • Theft of university property
  • Embezzlement of funds of the organization
  • private use of working materials
Conflicts of interest and corruption offences →
In the case of conflicts of interest, there is a risk that individuals/organizations will be motivated by interests that run counter to their duties, thus corrupting decision-making processes. For example, the personal interests of employees that appear to be incompatible with the Univerity's interest in balanced decision-making are of particular importance.
Manipulation of business documents/balance sheets →
This means, in particular, the violation of applicable accounting standards or the principles of proper accounting, which leads to an incorrect presentation in the financial reporting of the organization. For example: inadmissible creation or falsification of invoices, credit notes, financial statements, audit reports, etc. 
Financial services →
Especially in connection with financial services, financial products and financial markets, regulation and control are indispensable, e.g. to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Since the financial crisis, which has brought to light serious deficiencies in the enforcement of existing rules, numerous new regulations support the early detection of risky or harmful practices in the financial sector. 
Antitrust and competition law →
Violations of antitrust and competition law impede effective competition and thus the functioning of markets. For example, an anti-competitive situation exists in the case of collusion or exchange of information relevant to competition between a company and its competitors.