PLUS digital submission point for internal whistleblowing
PLUS employees (both active and former) as well as third parties who have a contractual relationship with PLUS and who wish to report any grievances within the university have the opportunity to submit a report anonymously or by name in a specially protected setting on this page. Your report should help to uncover grievances, prevent damage and develop measures to avoid violations.

Please note that you should only submit reports that fall into one of the following categories. If this is not the case, your tip may not fall under the protective provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Act - HSchG (

- Funding
- Awarding of contracts
- Data protection, protection of trade secrets and data security
- Public health
- Product safety
- Animal welfare, environmental protection and radiation protection
- Assets of the University
- Conflicts of interest and corruption offences
- Manipulation of business documents/balance sheets
- Financial services
- Antitrust and competition law

Explicitly not covered: Plagiarism allegations, employment law and discrimination.

NOTE: We would also like to point out that the portal may not be used to submit knowingly false or defamatory reports. Any misuse may be punished with fines of up to 40,000 euros and may also result in claims for damages and criminal prosecution.

How do I submit a report?

When you submit your report, you can decide whether you want to do so anonymously or by name. In any case, we guarantee confidential treatment.

1. press the green button "Submit new report" at the very bottom of the page.
2. select the relevant category and enter your tip in the text field.
3. in addition, you have the option to upload files such as image, video or audio data.
4. click the "Submit Note" button to submit your note.

IMPORTANT: After submitting, you will be shown an access key in the form of a link and a password to your tip. Keep this key in a safe place so that you can continue to follow up your tip and communicate with the internal office. If this key is lost, it will no longer be technically possible for you to access your report. For security reasons, communication by e-mail will not take place even if you have left an e-mail address in the course of submitting your report.

What happens after my notice has been received by PLUS?

Your report will be forwarded to the responsible internal unit and you will receive a confirmation of the report within 7 days of receipt.

The internal unit consists of decision-makers from the Office of the Rector, the Legal Department and Data Protection. The internal unit is responsible for processing the report and for ensuring the confidentiality of the identity of the person submitting the report. The internal body then decides as a committee on the validity of the tip and on the further procedure.

No later than 3 months after the tip has been submitted, you will be informed of the follow-up measures that have been taken as a result of your tip.

Information regarding your data protection can be found here.

How our whistleblower system helps protect your privacy

  • No identifying information is provided to the contacts.
  • Your message will be stylometrically redacted to provide you with an even higher level of anonymity. We remove all punctuation and convert all words to lowercase."
  • All information is end-to-end encrypted, so your sensitive information remains safe.

What you can do to protect yourself

  • You are not on the corporate network (Internet/VPN).
  • You should not use a device (smartphone, computer, etc) that is provided by your employer.
  • You should not use the kinds of idioms or abbreviations that you frequently use in conversations or when writing emails.